Monday, September 17, 2012

Free bonus requirements can be really different

For new players, Casino Bonuses are great tools to get them start up at their first games. For online casino, bonuses are their marketing tools designed to attract new players or encourage players to upgrade their accounts. There are various types of bonuses, and each of them may come with specific terms, requirements and claiming methods depend on the casino that offers them.
Free bonus requirements can be really different, but a good online casino offers quite great profits to new players who claim the bonus; up until the maximum bonus amount of $1,200. Casinos that use famous gambling software such as Microgaming usually offer great free deposit bonuses or free chips; you can see them yourself in this list of microgaming casinos.
However, you must be aware of certain casinos that commit fraud or rip off its players by repeatedly changing requirement terms used to signify the bonus wagers, thus make the players keep seeing new, different bonus terms whenever they want to claim the rewards. On the other hand, players can also commit fraud by signing up under several names to get more-than-one free chips or no deposit casino coupon codes. Bonus abusers such as these can get themselves blacklisted and even banned from playing in or operating an online casino.