Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weight Loss With TRX Suspension Training System

Everyone wants to lose weight at one point or another, but this is a task is easier said than done, especially considering the high costs and inconveniences surrounding weight loss. Many choose to purchase a gym membership card in their quest to shed unwanted pounds, however the high monthly costs can quickly add up over time, and visiting a gym isn't always possible. Many men and women who are looking to lose weight also feel uncomfortable about working out in a gym full of people. Some may choose to purchase their own gym equipment, but unless there is an additional room or other area of space available, this will quickly clutter the home and make working out even more challenging. Even worse, since more than one piece of exercise equipment is needed to see results, the price can also be substantial. Fortunately, thanks to TRX suspension trainer, all that frustration can now be a thing of the past.
While the TRX suspension trainer has been around for several years, the machine is just now receiving the popularity it deserves after being featured on the reality show "The Biggest Loser." There are many benefits to using the suspension trainer, but one of the biggest perks is the size. The trainer is made to hook to the top of any door or frame and is extremely light at only 2 lbs. Best of all, as the "The Biggest Loser" is showing, anyone can use the TRX suspension trainer, even those who are out of shape or who have never worked out before.
Weight Loss with TRX system is easy. This is because the trainer works by using a series of resistant materials that allows the exercisers to use a combination of their own body weight and gravity as the perfect weight loss tool. All the exerciser has to do is slip their hands or legs into the specially designed handles, then complete any exercises as they would normally.
For example, instead of doing a traditional push-up, the TRX suspension trainer can be hooked on top of a door frame, then the exerciser can pull the handles and slip them around their ankle. Next, all the exercise has to do is get into the normal push-up position. Rather than feet being planted firmly on the ground, the handles in the TRX suspension trainer will suspend the feet a few inbhes above the ground. As the exerciser lowers himself up and down with his arms, the suspension trainer will use the natural gravity and weight of the body to pull on the abs, strengthening the core muscles in the body. This allows the exerciser to achieve dramatic results in a shorter period of time than if they were only doing traditional exercises.
The TRX suspension trainer is also able to do over 200 different types of exercises, all without needing any form of attachments or other pricey add-ons. This means that those who want to lose weight will no longer have to waste their money on expensive gym memberships or bulky equipment. Instead, all that is needed is a single piece of equipment that is small enough to fit on a door, yet strong enough that it can support the weight of even the bulkiest bodybuilder.
There have been dozens of other weight loss products designed around the same theory as the TRX suspension trainer, but only the TRX is made from industrial strength materials. Because exercisers will be working out against the resistance of gravity, TRX knows that the product can't fail mid-work out. If this were to happen, the exerciser could go flying, risking serious injury. For this reason, only the strongest materials have been put into the TRX suspension training device. There are no pulley systems, stretchable parts, or other forms of resistance bands because these simply aren't strong enough to give users a meaningful workout with drastic results.
In addition to being featured on "The Biggest Loser," the TRX suspension trainer has also been behng used by professional athletes and trainers all over the world. This is partly due to the fact that because there are over 200 different exercises that can be done, there is virtually no need for any other form of exercise equipment. Weight Loss with TRX system is easy because the multiple exercise choices prevent user from getting bored, which is one of the most common reasons exercisers stop short of their weight loss goals. The TRX suspension trainer also allows all parts of the body to be strengthened, so regardless of where any 'problem areas' are, the TRX can target and eliminate it.